Friday, May 2, 2014

Dale Jackson says

Yesterday, in my telephone interview with Dale Jackson (go to A must listen podcast), I said that "government has failed us, and I link the failure to money in politics."

Dale said he agreed that government has failed us, but he did not agree about the money part.  Dale said, "the electoral process lends itself to the stupidest people being played to , and that has failed us, money or not, and they will always pander to the rubes." (That is at about time 11:10 in the podcast.)

OK, Dale and I are agreed that government has failed us. I have my above diagnosis of the source of the failure, and I have a plan for the American people to try to correct that failure.

Dale has his above diagnosis of the causative source of why government has failed us, but I don't know whether he has any ideas for getting the failure of government corrected. He did not indicate in the interview about this.

While Dale and I are in agreement that government has failed us, it is not entirely clear what the views of the other candidates are about whether government has failed us or not, and, if so, what their diagnosis is of the cause of the failure.

Ok, now let's take up the Republican Women of Trussville forum last night, at which all seven candidates appeared.

At the forum, I said "the political class in Washington has been doing a big time number on the American people" (which includes the result of Congress having stopped working for the American people), and that I had a long shot plan for trying to fix that.

Presumably because he believes something needs fixing about Congress, Will Brooke said to the RWOT that the first thing he would do when he got to Congress was introduce three bills, one bill imposing term limits, a second bill prohibiting Congressmen from becoming lobbyists after they left office, and the third bill providing that Congress shall be subject to all laws that it passes in the same way as the rest of the American people are.

I have said Will Brooke has been fatuous and stupid in saying things like that to the voters.  (See Dear Dolores and Dear Cheryl re RWOT May 1 candidate forum.)

Maybe I should stand corrected, and  appreciate better Dale Jackson's above diagnosis of why government has failed us.  Maybe I should not say Will Brooke is being fatuous and stupid, but rather I should say that he "playing to the stupidest people" and "pandering to the rubes."

Can you help me out here, Dale?  Is that it?  Should it be obvious to me that the RWOT are the "stupidest people" and "rubes", and Will Brooke is just "playing" to them and "pandering" to them?

I could really use your help from more of your brain flexing, if you could kindly do that.

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