Sunday, May 18, 2014

I need to write on Facebook timelines of other people

I have no campaign funding, and I have no expectation of getting funding in the next two weeks.

I am conducting my campaign in the Alabama 6th Congressional district by means of the Internet and by participation in forums and campaign events sponsored by others.

I am trying to use social media and emailing to the maximum extent possible to get myself known and my campaign message out to the voters in the 6th district. (For a map of the 6th district, go here.) The population of the 6th district is over 600,000.

I am up against a near impossibility. I nonetheless expect to campaign as hard as I can until June 3rd.

Writing on Facebook timelines of other people offers great potential for me.

Yesterday, I got over a hundred friends on Facebook. I am going to try to get more friends.

I am going to start writing on the timelines of my Facebook friends, starting with posting this on timelines of those who are my Facebook friends currently.

I can appreciate many persons will find political postings on their Facebook timelines to be objectionable.

If you see this posted on your Facebook timeline and you do not want to have political postings on your timeline, I think the best way to handle the situation is for you to "unfriend" me. My Facebook is public, and, if you are interested in my candidacy, you can keep up with me easily enough without being my Facebook friend.

If you are not currently a Facebook friend of mine, and you are willing to let me put political posts on your Facebook timeline, please send me a friend request on Facebook.

Thank you.

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