Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memo to TeamDemocracy

5/31 4:00 am cdt

I started doing "tweet bombing" yesterday. (See Join TeamDemocracy in "tweet bombing" AL06 this weekend.) I did about two hours worth. My start was with followers of the Mountain Brook Chamber ( 

I used the tweet message:

AL 6th Cong'l dist.-- SAVE YOUR COUNTRY ON JUNE 3rd. Vote for Rob Shattuck.
I count that there have been 21 page views of, since I started yesterday. I don't know if they are solely from my tweeting

I see that someone else may be doing tweeting with this tweet message:

Rootstriker wants to stop the system of corruption in DC for !
I am new to this. What hashtags should be used? Do hashtags take up tweet message space?

Let me resume my tweeting. I will update this as appropriate during the day.

Update #1 

I believe there are limits on numbers of tweets. Also, I think it is helpful to exercise judgment in sending a tweet to someone on a follower list.

Geographical location of person is obviously very important. 

With a person who does not show recent tweet activity, such as last activity more than a month ago, should I bother sending a tweet? Even though a person doesn't show recent tweet activity, will they get notification on their email that someone sent them a tweet, and there is a reasonable chance they will go read the tweet?

What about people whose tweets are protected? Should they be considered reasonable candidates for sending tweets to?

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