Saturday, November 16, 2013

Asking candidates about low Congressional approval

Congressional approval ratings are abysmally low and perhaps at record lows (below 10% approval).

Should Congress react to these low approval ratings by asking itself questions such as the following:

1. Why is there such a low approval rating?

2. Does it signify the existence of a significant problem that Congress should investigate for the benefit of the American people, report to the American people about, and, if Congress concludes there is a significant problem, propose to the American people what should be done to try to fix the problem?

3. What priority should Congress give to the foregoing possible problem?

If you think Congress should ask itself the foregoing questions, you ought to press such questions on the Congressional candidates in your district or state and try to get answers for those questions.  You should ask those Congressional candidates what their answers are to the foregoing questions.

Update 12/14/13.  A list of people running for Congress in Alabama is posted here.

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