Thursday, May 29, 2014

AL 6th Cong'l district - Get chain emails going for Rob Shattuck

For three months, I have been saying there is something fundamentally wrong with Congress, and it critically needs addressing by the American people and Congress. 

For three months, Senators Shelby and Sessions and Representative Bachus have ignored me. 

For three months, the six other candidates have ignored me. 

For three months, the local media and political commentators have failed in their roles related to my candidacy.

What do you think?

If you think something is fundamentally wrong with Congress, and you are fed up with Congress being unwilling or unable to do anything about it, you can send a message on June 3rd by voting for me in the Republican primary in the Alabama 6th Congressional district.

If I win on June 3rd, the rest of the country will hear about your vote.

You can help out before June 3rd. 

If you have received an email with a link you clicked on to get to this blog entry, please forward that email to as many people as you can.

If you prefer using Twitter, go here for tweeting you can do.

Thank you very much.

Rob Shattuck
Candidate, AL 6th Congressional district

Update 5/30: For those who prefer Twitter, go to
Join TeamDemocracy in "tweet bombing" AL06 this weekend.

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