Thursday, May 19, 2016

Can Alabamians battle Alabama corruption?

Yesterday I was notified that, in Washington State, there has been launched a campaign for The Washington Government Accountability Act, Initiative 1464, being powered by more than 24,000 Washington Represent.Us members and a cross-partisan coalition called Integrity Washington. The law seeks to restore public trust in government by increasing transparency, giving voters a stronger voice, and strengthening enforcement. A summary and full text of the Act can be found through links at

I was also notified about a campaign in South Dakota for The South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act, Initiative 22, being championed by the bipartisan coalition and more than 1,000 Represent.Us members in South Dakota. The Act will prevent political bribery, improve transparency, and increase enforcement of South Dakota’s ethics laws. For a full copy of the proposed law, see

Does Alabama need an Alabama Government Accountability (and Anti-Corruption) Act? What can we Alabamians do to get the same?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Current status

This blog dates to 2012.

The largest part of the blog documents my endeavor to run for Congress in the Alabama 6th Congressional district in 2014.

Since Nov. 5, 2014, I have been concentrating on national activities seeking to battle the corrupting influence of money in politics. This has been done via three other blogs, to wit, in chronological order, The Campaign Finance Reformers Blog (old)The Campaign Finance Reformers Blog (new); and 2016 Congressional candidates' Declarations.

For the past year, the 2016 Presidential race has sucked up almost all the nation's political attention.

While overwhelming attention is going to continue to be paid to the Presidential election, the Congressional elections will assume greater importance in voters' minds than they have had during the past 12 months.

The astounding political story of the Trump and Sanders Presidential candidacies has been attributed to a deep, widespread disgust and anger against the political establishment and against Washington DC. The country awaits how this is going to play out over the next six months in Clinton versus Trump for President (it now appearing virtually certain those will be the Democratic and Republican Presidential nominees).

Besides the country not knowing which candidate is going to win the Presidential election, the country does not know how the voter disgust and anger is going to be taken out against Congress in the Congressional elections.

My main interest has been Congress. The 2016 Congressional candidates' Declarations blog seeks to force Congress to confront, before Nov. 8, 2016, whether it is corrupt or not, and to pass reform (or not) for the voters to consider in November, and thereby make the 2016 elections a referendum on Congress.

Being an Alabama resident, this is deserving of being separately and specially carried on by me in Alabama. This blog will become more active again for that purpose. Information about activity that has been undertaken regarding Congressional races in Alabama has been previously compiled in the 2016 Congressional candidates' Declarations blog, and that information can be accessed by means of links listed in Districts and States with activity.

UPDATE 5/11/16
The 2016 Congressional candidates' Declarations citizen effort calls for mobilization of the citizenry to tweet in the effort. Whether anything will happen is dubious. All I know to do is try to lead by example.

The past couple of days I have been using and to send to fellow Alabamians this tweet:
So, what do we Alabamians now think about our AL legislative delegation in Wash. DC?
There have been over 950 page views of this entry.

So, Alabama

What do you think now?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

What more proof do you need, Rep. Palmer?

Re:  Keystone pipeline

Dear Representative Palmer:

Everyone in our country needs energy.

Also, most everyone wants to protect the environment, for ourselves and for future generations.

Any person with intelligence knows there are trade offs to be made between energy and the environment.

The possible trade offs are varied and complex.

The country has been choosing among possible trade offs for decades, and there are many years in front of us for figuring out energy versus the environment.

Rep. Palmer, wouldn't you think that the American people should have a President and a Congress that recognize the reality of all of us having similar concerns in the trade offs between energy and the environment? Should not such President and Congress tell the American people they will consider the current situation and they will develop and put forth a consensus proposal of what they think the next step should be for the country?  Then, the American people, understanding that trade offs are necessary, can decide whether the proposal of the President and Congress is within rational boundaries for striking a balance between energy and the environment. There is a possibility of a massive reaction against the proposal as being grossly deficient and not being a rational balancing of energy and the environment. If, however, such a reaction does not happen, that should be grounds for a general acceptance of what has been done, the consensus proposal can be put in operation without shrieking hoohah, and the President, Congress and the country can turn their attention to other pressing matters.

Wouldn't you think that's what the American people should get from their President and Congress as regards energy and the environment?

But no, that is not what the American people get.

Instead, as an example that epitomizes what is wrong with Washington DC, the American people have been served up for seven years the inanity of how Congress, the President and the rest of the political class in Washington have dealt with the Keystone XL pipeline.

That long running inanity came back into the headlines this past week with the President's disapproval of the pipeline.

Such inanity, it can be predicted, is going to continue, it will play a role in the 2016 elections, and it will persist after election day next November.

I ask you, Rep. Palmer, why do the American people need to continue to put up with this inanity for more years to come?

What do you say?

Do you say I am incorrect in calling this performance inanity? Do you say this is our political system and our Federal government working the way they should work?

Or do you wish to point the finger at the Democrats for being the cause of inanity?

That is what you wanted to do in 2014.

Have you learned anything from your 11 months in Congress that causes you to view this matter any differently now?

Please tell your 6th Congressional district constituents about this.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Help Larry Lessig get 500 signatures in AL by Nov. 6th

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig is running for President of the United States, in order to Fix Our Broken Democracy - First.  See Lessig2016.

He is running as a Democrat.

To get on the Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Ballot in Alabama, Professor Lessig needs to get signatures from 500 registered Alabama voters by November 6th. See Presidential Candidate Ballot Access Election 2016.

To sign the ballot access petition for Professor Lessig, you don't have to be a Democrat, and Republicans and independents may sign the petition.

Will you help Professor Lessig get his 500 signatures in Alabama by November 6th?

Please email me at or call me at (205) 967-5586 if you are willing to help out.

For your information, you can find the petition form and a Lessig2016 Brochure below at these links:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Trump: "Our system is broken"

Donald Trump says our system is broken. Does Congressman Palmer agree? What is Congressman Palmer doing about it?

EDIT 8/11: Below sent to Rep. Palmer and rest of Alabama's Senators and Representatives in Washington.

Edit: 8/20:  Donald Trump is coming to Mobile tomorrow, Friday, August 21st. The event has been moved to a larger venue due to the large crowd expected. The Alabama Secretary of State’s Office says more than 30,000 people have confirmed they will attend the ‘Donald J. Trump for President Pep Rally.’ It will be held at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, located at 1621 Virginia Street, Mobile, AL 36604. WHNT 19 News

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Who will debate this?

Set forth below is the cover page of a document entitled Fighting Big Money, Empowering People: A 21st Century Democracy Agenda. The document was published this month by the organizations listed below. The full document can be found at the preceding link.

I call for a debate of this document to be conducted in our Birmingham area. I call for the debate to be joined by Republicans, Democrats and independents.

I will start with Democrats.

I call on Rep. Terri Sewell, Professor Mark Lester, and local Democratic organizations to issue statements along the lines of
The recently published political document Fighting Big Money, Empowering People: A 21st Century Democracy Agenda raises issues of utmost importance that should be addressed by all residents of our Birmingham area. I/we call on  Rep. Gary Palmer and local Republican organizations to engage in debate with local Democratic leaders and organizations. Our local political news media and commentators should participate and assist in publicizing this debate to the residents in our Birmingham area. 

[Cover page of document]
Fighting Big Money, Empowering People:A 21st Century Democracy Agenda

Like every generation before us, Americans are coming together to preserve a democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. American democracy is premised on the consent of the governed, and on the idea that we all deserve a say in the government decisions that affect our families. We stand united supporting commonsense protections that recognize the people as the ultimate check on the corrosive influence of money in politics, which is eroding the very foundation of self-government.

Brennan Center for Justice
Common Cause
Democracy 21
Democracy Matters
Every Voice
Issue One
People for the American Way
Public Citizen

July 2015