Saturday, May 3, 2014

Yardies v. Tweets, a look ahead at Week 1

After 2-1/2 months of scrimmaging, "game time" in the Alabama 6th Congressional district race has arrived. The play will be for four weeks. Let's set the formations of the players, as we look to Week 1 ahead.

I live in Mountain Brook, and Yardie Brooke's yard signs are showing a real nice bloom. I have seen some yard signs for DeMarco, and a couple for Palmer and Mathis. (All the Yardies Brooke, DeMarco, Beason, Mathis, Palmer, and Vignuelle will need to file whatever reports they see fit about how their yard signs are proliferating in the 6th Congressional district ramparts.)

I am the Tweets team. I was retweeted by @lessig to his 286K followers on May 2.

Lessig is Founder and Board Member of the MayOne citizens' super pac, and Mark McKinnon is Board Member and Treasurer. Said Mark is also frequently on with Morning Joe and Mika. In fact, I think Mark was on Morning Joe on Thursday, May 1, the day MayOne was launched. Joe is a University of Alabama graduate and big on Alabama. So, you can figure that the Tweets team is angling for a mention on Morning Joe, but it could be only a "Hail Mary" in Week 4.

There is also a Laura Ingraham side play which the Tweets team hopes will pan out.

Laura either chided or strong armed Yardie Brooke on an amnesty pledge. Go to the link: Following chiding from conservative host Laura Ingraham, District 6 hopeful Will Brooke fills out anti-anmesty 'pledge'.

The Tweets Team was neither chided nor strong armed by Laura, the below email interchange having taken place.

From: Rob Shattuck <>
Date: Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 6:52 PM
Subject: Re: The Laura Ingraham Show
To: James Beattie <>
Thank you for this inquiry, James.
I don't know if Laura's interest in AL06 is limited to candidates' views on amnesty. If it is, I am going to provide little grist for her.
I am trying to position myself to grab hold of the rocket tails of the May 1 launch of Lawrence Lessig's "Moonshot." See Is AL06 ready for May 1 launch of Lessig "Moonshot"? I am hoping Laura's (and my) fellow Dartmouth alumnus Robert Reich will help push upwards in Lessig's launch.
On immigration law questions, I will vote in the way citizens in AL06 desire me to vote, following receiving from them of expression of their views regarding same.
Rob Shattuck
Dartmouth, class of 1969

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 2:58 PM, James Beattie <> wrote:
Hello Mr. Shattuck,I am a producer with The Laura Ingraham Show. Later this week, we are doing a story on candidates in Alabama's 6th district and their views on amnesty.Could you provide a comment by the end of tomorrow on your views on FAIR'S questionnaire (three short questions found here: respond as soon as possible, as this is time sensitive. Thank you for your help.Best,
James Beattie
Producer, The Laura Ingraham Show
901 North Nelson Street Apt. 1514
Arlington, VA 22203
Cell: 201.314.6219
The Tweets Team thus can be seen as angling for an interview on Laura's show.

Also, the above mentioned Robert Reich is Bill Clinton's former Labor Secretary, he is Chair of the National Governing Board of Common Cause, "money in politics" is a main issue for Common Cause, and the Tweets Team would be keen on getting a retweet by @RBReich.

On the substance front, the Tweets Team inaugurated its "stark choice" campaign at the Republican Women of Trussville forum last Thursday.  The stark choice is:  The six other candidates message to the voters is, "Your enemy is Obama and the Democrats."  My message to the voters is, "The common enemy of average Republicans, average Democrats, and average independents is the political class in Washington DC." I expect to post a video here giving more about the "stark choice" shortly.

For the Yardies, the big question is whether they will continue to be "mealy-mouthed." I borrow the word "mealy-mouthed" from Dale Jackson in his interview with me on Thursday.

Let the game's Week 1 begin, I say.

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