Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Make AL06 a spearhead in Lawrence Lessig's moonshot

At yesterday's Kiwanis Club of Birmingham luncheon forum for the Alabama 6th Congressional district candidates, I began my introductory statement with this:
For three months, I have been saying "there is something fundamentally wrong with Congress, which critically needs addressing by the American people and Congress." For three months, I have been ignored by Senators Shelby and Sessions and Representative Bachus. For three months, I have been ignored by the other candidates. For three months, I have been ignored by the local media and political commentators. That's ok. I am at 1% in the polls, I have no campaign funding, and I have no chance of winning on June 3rd, but I appreciate this opportunity to speak to you about something fundamentally wrong with Congress.
There are six days left until the June 3rd primary election day in the Alabama 6th Congressional district. That's do or die for me.

I want to make AL06 a spearhead in Lawrence Lessig's moonshot.

I need all the help I can get.

I need a carpet bombing of AL06 with tweets.

Please go to Tweeting campaign in Alabama 6th Congressional district.

If that looks like a good way to carpet bomb AL06 with tweets, please pitch in and start tweeting.

If you have other ideas, please let me know them.

Let's make AL06 a spearhead in Lawrence Lessig's moonshot.

5/28 8:50 am: Looking for my first tweet bomber. If you use the indicated message on the other link, I should see page views of tweet bomb recipients who click on the tweet link.

5/28 9:40 am: If you have questions about this tactic, or about the appropriateness of tweet bombing from outside of AL06, why don't you ask Professor Lessig @lessig what he thinks?

5/28 1:30 pm: I am getting good response of page views, following, retweets, and favoriting of my tweets. I have initiated my "tweet bombing" idea on my own initiative. I am not privy to any ideas or plans of Professor Lessig or MayOne relative to the five Congressional districts to be targeted in 2014, except that they are desired to be object lessons for trying to learn what works in trying to influence outcomes of Congressional elections and that may be applied for the big effort in 2016. I present an early case in 2014 that may be learned from. Responders should think critically about my "tweet bombing" idea and its potential usefulness. Ultimately, the object has to be to get votes in the election, and that requires making communication to voters. Your retweets, following, and favoriting do little in making communication to voters in the Alabama 6th Congressional district. You have to decide whether you are willing to tweet to voters in the 6th district. It does not appear that anyone has decided to do that yet. If there is a way to have discussion about this, I am fully game. Just let me know.

5/28 4 pm: I may have my first tweet bomber. I see eight page views today of the link in the suggested tweet. I hope they are a result of a tweet bomber at work. I could use about a hundred tweet bombers to make needed penetration into AL06. Thanks.

5/30: See Join TeamDemocracy in "tweet bombing" AL06 this weekend

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