Friday, May 16, 2014

Video of 60 Plus & Rainy Day Patriot debate

[The above video does not include the two minute introductory statements of the candidates. In my two minute introductory, I said the below:]

I am saying very different things from the other candidates. I am saying Congress is kaput and not working for the American people. I have a diagnosis of the source of the problem and an idea how to fix it.

The other candidates are vague about how kaput they think Congress is. They talk about introducing some bills in Congress, which they seem to think will fix whatever problems there are.

The message of the other candidates to the voters is "your enemy is Obama and the Democrats.

In contrast, I am saying to the voters that the common enemy of average Republicans, average Democrats, and average independents is the political class in Washington DC. I am saying the political class is an iron triangle of lawmakers (Republicans and Democrats, and also regulators), lobbyists and leaders of special interest organizations, and a small group of big funders. 

A chief tool the political class uses to keep itself entrenched and increase its powers and riches is to keep the electorate divided and polarized. Their "ace in the hole" is that they think there is no way average Republicans, average Democrats and average independents can ever temporarily unite to force Congress to change itself and the way things are done in Washington. 

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