Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear Cheryl re RWOT May 1 candidate forum

Dear Cheryl,

I am writing in anticipation of this week's candidate forum being hosted by the Republican Women of Trussville.

Much has transpired in the 6th Congressional district race since RWOT sent out its invitation in early March.

The leading candidates have reported campaign funds in the $800,000 range, and TV ad campaigns are underway.

I have no campaign funding, and I am using the Internet and social media to the maximum extent I can, coupled with sponsored events and media coverage that are provided to me.

This week, I am going to be trying to join some issues, including at the forum on Thursday.

Regarding TV ads of Representative DeMarco and Will Brooke, I have posted on my campaign website this Open letter to Representative DeMarco and this entry More Will Brooke Kool Aid.  Also, the entry Dear Dolores concerns things Will Brooke said at a West Bount County Chamber of Commerce meeting.

At the meeting of The Birmingham News editorial board with the candidates last Monday, one of the questions was about negative advertising in TV ads, and the question solicited reaction by the targets.  In giving my response to the question, I said, while I had done no TV ads, I had mentioned two candidates by name on my campaign website and had referred to a third candidate by describing things the candidate had said.  I said to the Editorial Board I was interested in hearing what the candidates in question thought about what I had said about them.  Two of the candidates gave no comment, and the third candidate said there was nothing that warranted a response from him.

Let me say a couple things regarding More Will Brooke Kool Aid

"Kool Aid", I think, connotes something lethal being laced in. That is justified insofar as the target is being distracted from being aware of a dire risk for the target. I think that applies, but I am willing to pull back, and just say "hokum." A serious candidate would have started with Congressman Ryan's Path to Prosperity budget and gone from there. See my "Press release" re Path to Prosperity and my "Press release"-- My discussion of Path to Prosperity. I stand by my ridiculing of Will Brooke's TV ad, and that it is just so much hokum.

Of course, Will Brooke has the campaign funds to run his TV ad many times, and I am limited in the audience I can reach to ridicule the ad.

Whether Matt Murphy, Richard Dixon, Dale Jackson or JT will call Will Brooke on his TV ad remains to be seen.

Finally, I mention that Gary Palmer has not responded to Would Gary Palmer please comment?

Thus, the foregoing are issues I am going to try to join this week, and I expect to use my five minutes at the RWOT forum on Thursday to further that.

Thank you very much

Rob Shattuck

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