Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yellowhammer videos

Yesterday I endeavored to make inquiry of Cliff Sims via his website email messaging, via Facebook messaging, and via Twitter messaging. I have not heard back anything from Cliff about why I was not included in the Yellowhammer videos that are running this week.

I don't know whether I am going to bother to watch any of the other six candidates' videos.

Yellowhammer says this about the videos:
Our goal was to ask specific questions, then make it as easy as possible for you to compare the candidates and make the most informed decision possible when you head to the polls June 3rd.
For the local media and local political commentators who take themselves seriously, I will be interested in whether any of them offer any comments or observation about anything in the Yellowhammer videos that they consider noteworthy  for voters to consider in making their voting decision about which of the six candidates to vote for.

Or is there basically nothing "to compare" about the other six candidates, and the voters could just as well do without the videos?

Yikes, after yesterday's topic of "immigration," today is the "tax code."

Now, if any of the candidates' videos revealed anything convincing about what prospects a candidate sees about what Congress might in fact be able to get its act together to do in the next two years on either of those two subjects, I would be interested. I am pretty sure the videos don't reveal anything in that vein.

But the videos should be pretty good Kabuki Theater at the 6th Congressional district level.

At bottom, d'ya think anyone but me is working on their Candidate evaluation exercise?

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