Saturday, April 5, 2014

National battle plan (2014)

On the Richard Dixon talk show yesterday, I indicated my 2014 battle plan.

The plan is to establish in the 6th Congressional district that my campaign has validity and to persuade the voters in the district about my platform to the extent that I win on June 3rd.

Prior to June 3rd, I will also endeavor to inform others elsewhere in Alabama and around the country about my campaign in the 6th Congressional district.

If I win on June 3rd, I think that will be a national news story, and that will help focus all the organizations and efforts going on around the country which are seeking to alter significantly how our governance happens in Washington DC.  All the organizations that are at work have their own ideas and strategies.  A win for me on June 3rd hopefully will result in and allow the exploitation of synergies.

My idea and strategy are that the 2014 elections become the linchpin whereby the incumbent Congress is forced by the voters to agree on a grand reform plan prior to election day in November.  (It is possible that the grand reform plan would include a constitutional amendment, and, if it did, that there would not be certainty that the amendment would be ratified, but that possibility would still leave the great accomplishment that Congress confronted the problem and agreed on a grand reform plan.)

The 2014 elections would then become a referendum on the grand reform plan.  If the voters think that Congress and their Representatives and Senators have done a credible job in the grand reform plan that Congress has proposed, that can be a significant factor for voters in deciding to vote for their incumbents.  If Congress is not able to agree on a grand reform plan it presents to the voters before election day, or if the voters think the grand reform plan does not do enough for change and is too much preservation of the status quo, that would be a compelling reason to vote against incumbents.

The effectiveness of this national battle plan  depends entirely on how publicized the plan is, and how credible will be the threat to the incumbent Congress if it does not agree on a grand reform plan or if the grand reform plan is deemed not a credible attempt at change and is too much preservation of the status quo.

Update 4/12:   This past Thursday, Lawrence Lessig published in The Atlantic his idea of a "machine" to be built to achieve grand reform in 2016.  His article is here. It says, "That battle will begin this year, with a smaller fund targeted in five districts across the country, for the purpose of seeing what works, and what the bigger campaign in 2016 would actually take."  On June 3rd YOU can make the Alabama 6th Congressional district a spearhead in this battle.

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