Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Will Brooke Kool Aid

I guess Professor Brooke believes Congress is going to start functioning again upon his arrival.

Suggestion for Professor Brooke:  In his next video, could Professor Brooke please explain to the voters what is wrong with Congressman Ryan's Path to Prosperity budget, and why voters, after straining their brains over that 100 page nutcracker from two weeks ago, need to torture their noodles into the intricacies of the above diagrammed Rubik's Cube under The Brooke Plan?

Also, does Professor Brooke have the politics of his Rubik's Cube buttoned up?  I can't say I have done a lot of noodling about Path to Prosperity politics, but I have wondered a little. See My discussion of Path to Prosperity.

Maybe Citizen Will  is about to be discovered as a new political genius for our time.  If I heard correctly at the West Blount Chamber of Commerce meeting last Thursday, Citizen Will is pretty sure he is going to be able to slip through a term limits House bill shortly after his arrival in Washington next January.  I can't remember whether Will said he would be able to get it through the U.S. Senate as well. See Dear Dolores. I am sure Will will clarify this in due course.

So, if Will can do the foregoing with term limits, maybe his above Rubik's Cube is a real keeper for the Alabama 6th Congressional district.

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