Friday, April 11, 2014

"Press releases"

In my campaign, persons in the media have gotten to know who I am, and I have email contact information for them.  These include persons at the Birmingham News, the Birmingham Business Journal, Channel 13, the Matt Murphy, Richard Dixon and JT talk shows, The Weekly Standard (Washington), and the Associated Press (via Twitter).  Also I have email contact information for the UAB, University of Alabama and Auburn University school newspapers.  Further there are a number of candidate forum sponsors (both already held and to be held) who have become familiar with me.

To keep information about my campaign before the media, I am sending emails to the foregoing persons.  I consider these emails my "press releases."  I will post the email messages in entries in this blog, so voters can know what is going to the media and decide what they think of the media coverage.

I will also tweet links to my "press releases." Rob Shattuck @BamaRootstriker.

Here are links to my "press releases":

"Press release" re Lessig Atlantic article

"Press release" re Congress stopped functioning 3 years ago

"Press release" re suggestion for improving Congress

"Press release" re Rep. DeMarco's issue positions

"Press release" re Will Brooke candidacy

"Press release" re Path to Prosperity

"Press release"-- My discussion of Path to Prosperity

Would Gary Palmer please comment?

Open letter to Representative DeMarco

For Matt and Richard: How's our gov't doin'?

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