Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can Dale Jackson Handle the Truth?

In my telephone interview with Dale Jackson this morning, I had a long pause when Dale asked me what I would do about the debt.

The reason I paused is because I have serious questions about whether our Congress, or any Congress we elect, is going to be able to deal with the debt by its own voluntary accord.

At the end of the interview, Dale gave me another chance and I explained why I had paused.  I went on to say that my expectation and prediction is that our Congress will not be able voluntarily to deal with the debt, and the debt will ultimately get dealt with by the bond markets and foreign holders, such as the Chinese.

When that happens, gale forces are going to sweep through United States government finance, spending, taxes and governmental programs, with things basically then happening by main force and awkwardness and with very unpredictable outcomes.

What does Dale think?  Can he handle the truth about the severe risk that no Congress is not going to be able to get a grip on the debt, and it will be the bond markets and foreign holders which force the U.S. to deal with its debt and which unleashes gale forces that sweep through  United States government finance, spending, taxes and governmental programs, with main force and awkwardness and with very unpredictable outcomes.?  Tell us, Dale, can you handle that truth?

And, yes, Dale, voters should vote for me on June 3rd because I have a greater sense of the foregoing risk and thereby have a smidgen of possibility of helping out, and the other candidates are being idiots in trying to purvey that their ideas about what to do are worth anything that the voters should take into account in making their voting decisions.

Below is link to podcast:

My interview with Dale

Update 1:  If there is one thing I am not, it is intellectually lazy.  We'll see whether Dale can do some flexing of his brain.  I have solicited whether he would like to interview me on the subject of

Where Does Changing Washington's Ways Stand?

Update 2:  I am also going to see whether Dale would like to have further discussion about More Will Brooke Kool Aid, which I have updated with some neat questions.

Update 3:  On health care, my thinking got started about 20 years ago, evidenced by this op/ed piece I got published in The Birmingham News in 1994 relative to Hillarycare: Answer The Questions Before Voting. Some of the things I have learned since are reflected in my "Press release" re Rep. DeMarco's issue positions.

Update 4: I am very interested in getting more discussion going on my "open" Congressional offices idea. See Dear Anthony: re slow Friday afternoon.

Update 5: Also, please add to the list My American Lawmaker's Creed.  See Dear Anthony re: Today's noodling.

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