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"Press release" re Will Brooke candidacy

The Will Brooke campaign website does not have an "Issues" tab.  The website gives the below "bio" information, which indicates Will's participation in public policy, his political philosophy, and a couple of specific positions:
Will has been engaged for decades in political and civic activity in Alabama, and is known for his leadership in charitable activities in the Birmingham area. He was deeply involved in the successful efforts to reform the Alabama Supreme Court in the 1990′s, and was Chairman of ProgressPAC in 2010 when the Alabama Legislature elected its first Republican majority in over 100 years. In the following year, Brooke Chaired the Business Council of Alabama, when ethics reform, tenure reform, public pension reform, tort reform, state budget reform and numerous pieces of important conservative legislation were passed by the Alabama Legislature.

Will is . . . a member of . . . the Federalist Society, which promotes principals of individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law. . . ..
Further, according to Brooke: “Basically, I am a Republican, a Federalist (i.e., believe in a small, limited federal government), a fiscal conservative, a businessman with a breadth of experience, and a person who has spent an adult lifetime in positions of increasing leadership responsibility. I want to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a market based solution and do whatever I can to reign in federal spending. I am not a politician, although I have worked around them for a large part of my career, and am not dependent on election or re-election to allow me to feel good about myself.

Will Brooke's knowledge about politics

Will Brooke evidences a lot of experience in the domain of state politics.

I don't know whether he considers himself able to evaluate my campaign charges about Washington, DC, to wit, that, in Washington, there is NOT government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and that the causes of that condition are also causes of Congress being dysfunctional and not able to do its job properly for the American people.

Possibly, Will Brooke believes my charges are true, but there is nothing the American people can do about them, and that is the reason Will chooses to say nothing about my charges.

All the other candidates have also been silent about my charges and may remain silent until June 3rd, perhaps for the same reason.

If the other candidates remain silent, then the voters will have to make up their minds without the benefit of the views of the other candidates.

Repeal and replace Obamacare

I reproduce what I said in my "Press release" re Rep. DeMarco's issue positions

[Of all the world's health care systems, the U.S. system, with its multiple programs (private insurance, charities, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) and Federal/state divisions of responsibility. is the most fractured and complex, and it has many, many inefficiencies.  Advances in medicine and medical technology, and cost factors, have led to seeking new and better ways of organizing and delivering healthcare.   (The complexity of health care in the Untied States is indicated by UAB having a Department of Health Care Organization and Policy, which has more than 20 professors.)  The great structural complexities of the U.S. healthcare system, the changing modes of health care delivery, and the deep reach of the health care system in the economy and in people's personal lives, have made the politics of health care and health care reform  the most difficult and complicated in the United States political universe. These politics came out in gale force when the Clinton healthcare reform plan went through the legislative process in the 1990's, and again in connection with the enactment of The Affordable Care Act in 2010.  The misery of dealing with the U.S. healthcare system and its politics is going to be with the country for years to come.  (Those politics now have new difficulties by reason of The Affordable Care Act.  For example, persons at 100% of the poverty level who get subsidies covering almost all of their premiums will oppose any cutback of that.)  The next Representative from the 6th Congressional district is not likely to make a whit of difference in Congress about healthcare, or any whit of difference he achieves may make things worse by reason of there being some countervailing or offsetting other provision that gets into the law. I believe the Affordable Care Act is a monstrosity, but I don't see that beating the "repeal and replace Obamacare" drum will have much positive result.  I have a plan that seeks to alter greatly the political landscape in Washington, which I think would aid in producing a better healthcare law.  None of the other candidates have any ideas for altering the Washington political landscape.] 
Perhaps Will would care to respond to what I say above.

Ethics reform; tort reform

The website indicates Will Brooke has been active in ethics reform and tort reform.

In my entry The GM faulty ignition recall, I talk about my ten years of extensive and assiduous work concerning corporate wrongdoing and how best to deter it and how victims should be compensated.  This work started in the private "tort reform" domain, and it greatly expanded to include corporate ethics and compliance and the criminal law. My work led me to contacting many parties who have a special interest in how society goes about trying to deter corporate wrongdoing, compensating victims of wrongdoing, and promoting more ethical conduct by corporations.  These parties include judges, state attorneys general, regulators, corporate management, prosecutors, plaintiffs' lawyers, corporate ethics and compliance officers, defense attorneys, and academics.

In my work, I learned a lot about significant obstacles, which confront society in deploying its legal and other tools in the best way possible in pursuit of the goal of deterring corporate wrongdoing, compensating victims of wrongdoing, and promoting more ethical conduct by corporations.

I believe I have a great deal of knowledge and interest in tort reform and ethics reform which I could bring to bear as the Congressman from the 6th Congressional district.

Reigning in Federal spending

Will Brooke wants to do whatever he can to reign in Federal spending.  I will borrow from what I said in my "Press release" re Rep. DeMarco's issue positions.

[All the candidates are in favor of [deficit reduction and a balanced budget] [fiscal responsibility], but there is no basis for thinking that any of the candidates will make any difference in achieving the goal of [deficit reduction and balancing the budget] [fiscal responsibility].   I have a plan that seeks to alter greatly the political landscape in Washington, which I think would aid in achieving  [deficit reduction and a balanced budget] [fiscal responsibility]. None of the other candidates have any ideas for altering the Washington political landscape.]

I also refer to my  "Press release" re Congress stopped functioning 3 years ago.  No one likes to be the bearer of bad news that "Congress stopped functioning about three years ago, and there is no indication when it will start functioning again."  I can understand that the other candidates prefer not to talk about this bad news.  Whether the voters will choose to cover their eyes and ears, that is for them to decide.

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