Monday, April 7, 2014

Representative Bachus' response

I have received a U.S. mail letter, dated April 1, 2014, from Representative Bachus, which responded to my Open letter to Alabama delegation in Washington.

The letter from Representative Bachus said it was his policy, in connection with a primary campaign, to leave discussion of the issues I raised to the candidates.

Also, Representative Bachus enclosed with his letter an article, dated March 25, reporting on his calling for entitlement reform during a hearing on reducing the national debt.

My Second open letter to Alabama delegation in Washington was posted on March 25, and I transmitted the link to Representative Bachus via his Washington office contact form on March 25 or March 26, so probably the letter from Representative Bachus can be taken as responding to that as well.

So when, if ever, is Representative Bachus going to deign to inform his constituents in the 6th Congressional district whether Congress is or is not a broken institution of governance that needs fixing by the American people? Is he going to tell us on June 3rd? Is he going to do an "exit interview" with the Birmingham Business Journal and tell his constituents about this in September or October?

Surely, the other 6th Congressional district candidates will not be so lame and pathetic as Representative Bachus.

And is Senator Sessions going to keep his lips sealed forever about whether or not our Congress is a broken institution of governance?

Of course, Senator Shelby hasn't said one way or the other either in Senator Shelby's response to open letter, has he?

Stay tuned, folks.

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