Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Write in Rob Shattuck for Congress in AL06

I ask you to write in Rob Shattuck for Congress in the AL 6th Congressional district on Nov. 4th.

Here's why:

You should write me in on the ballot to protest a Gary Palmer who refuses to tell you whether he thinks Congress is "broke" and something needs to be done about it, or whether it is fine and there is no need to be concerned. See Just answer the question, Gary Palmer.

I say Congress is "broke" and something needs to be done about it.

But Gary Palmer just won't say.

How can he be a good servant for you in Washington if he won't give you his opinion? If he won't either assure you that Congress is not broke and you need not be bothered, or else tell you it is broke and such and such is what he is going to do about it.

Why, why, why won't Gary Palmer talk to you about this?

There is no doubt Gary Palmer will win on November 4th.

Win he will, but I say Gary Palmer is thumbing his nose at the Alabama 6th Congressional district.

I implore you to send Gary Palmer a message that you can't trust him if he remains secretive about this.

The way to send that message to Gary Palmer is to write me in for Congress in the Alabama 6th Congressional district on November 4th.

I fervently hope you will do that.

Thank you.

How to write me in on the ballot
There will be a place on the ballot where you vote FOR UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE 6TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.
Under the two names that are printed on the ballot (Mark Lester, Democrat; and Gary Palmer, Republican), there is a "write in" space, with a box (or oval) to the left of the write in space.
Write "Rob Shattuck" in the "write in" space, and blacken the box (or oval) to the left, just as if you were voting for a candidate whose name is printed on the ballot.
(If you don't know whether you are in the 6th Congressional district, here is an interactive map.)

Is Gary Palmer thumbing his nose at the AL 6th Cong'l district?

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