Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hey, Gary Palmer, I disagree with Elizabeth Warren

I got the below email from Elizabeth Warren yesterday.

She says, "Look, you and I both know the game is rigged, and the Republicans are the ones who rigged it. But that doesn't mean we have to let them win."

Gary Palmer, you know from my campaign that I think the game is rigged by the political class in Washington DC, Democrat and Republican alike, rigged against all of the rest of us average Republicans, average Democrats, and average independents.

I know I can't ask you what you think, because as best I can tell, you don't think.

But there you go.

From: Elizabeth Warren <>
Date: Sat, Oct 25, 2014 at 2:59 PM
Subject: A simple request
To: Robert Shattuck <>

Dear MoveOn member,Ready for a little tough love?

I've been on the road, stumping for progressive Senate candidates like Mark Udall, Al Franken, and Bruce Braley. And as I see it, we have a choice to make right now. 
We can whine and whimper about the appalling Republican agenda, or the fact that the GOP has clawed out a tiny lead. Or we can fight back.
I mean really fight back—in an eyes-open, heart-pumping, straight-up sprint to the finish line.
You know where I stand. Now I'm bringing this fight to you.
Right-wing billionaires don't get to decide who controls the U.S. Senate. You get to decide. But here's the tough love: You get to decide only if you show up. Not just by voting, but by volunteering and, if you can afford it, by donating.
Will you join me in helping MoveOn expand its proven, high-impact get-out-the-vote efforts? 
Look, you and I both know the game is rigged, and the Republicans are the ones who rigged it. But that doesn't mean we have to let them win.
It just means that we have to flex our collective muscle, turn over their tables, and create a new game with better odds.
We know how to do this. We need MoveOn's field organizers, media campaigns, research, mailings, and literally millions of person-to-person get-out-the-vote calls. This kind of bring-it-on-home effort doesn't come cheap. But it's hugely effective. And it needs your support. Are you in for $3?
Look, I don't want a bunch of new Senate colleagues sent to Washington, D.C. to do the bidding of those who have already made it. I want Senate colleagues who'll work for the people—all of the people, for you and for your family.
That's within our reach. But to win, we need MoveOn members to help wake up America to what's at stake in this election—just like they did in 2008 and 2012. This is about our voices and our votes. 
I'm worried about what would happen in Mitch McConnell's Senate. And I won't lie: It's entirely possible. This election is that close. It's going to come down to a few thousand people in a handful of key races, races where MoveOn—thankfully—is focused.
Will you stand with me and support MoveOn's home-stretch push?
Your support will fuel MoveOn's fight to help save the Senate, up to the last minute of the last open poll on Election Day—and beyond, if that's what it takes.
Because Democrats believe that college students are entitled to get an education without being crushed by student loan debt. We believe in making the investments in education, infrastructure, and research—the giant pipeline of ideas that will turn into opportunities for our children, and their children.
The GOP's big idea? Protect the rich and powerful. On Wall Street, they call it "deregulation," but it's really just like a big neon sign that reads, "Have at 'em, boys!" It's the idea that you're welcome to trick or trap or fool anybody—and rake in the profits.
Republicans haven't been fighting for families who lost their homes. And they haven't lifted a finger for folks who are still unemployed, or those working full time but still living in poverty.
They don't deserve to win on Election Day, but they might. 
That's why MoveOn and I are fighting to save the Senate. Can you join me by chipping in now?
You—and MoveOn members like you—will determine the outcome of this election. You will be the reason we'll prevail.
Are you ready to win this election? I know I am.
Thanks for all you do.
–Senator Elizabeth Warren 

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