Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is Gary Palmer the Elizabeth Holmes of oil and gas?

A month ago, 30 year old Elizabeth Holmes burst on the public scene, when she appeared as number 110 on this year's Forbes 400 listing of wealthiest Americans, with her fortune being worth $4.57 billion.

I was flabbergasted by her story that she was a Stanford dropout who had engineered an entirely new way of taking blood from patients (painless, no syringe) and a system for testing blood that can give back broad, actionable results from a few drops instead of ounces. I was dumbfounded that blood testing has been going on for decades, no one else had seen this way that blood testing could be done, and it took Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes to find this new way of doing things.

From the start of this 6th Congressional district campaign in February, Gary Palmer has made as a central plank in his platform that there are huge, huge oil and gas energy resources that the country has and that are not being used, and that can save us from just about every economic stress and difficulty that besets the country.

When Gary Palmer first started talking about this, I was almost thinking he was saying he knew about energy resources that no one else knew about, or at least that no one else had previously had the thought that they could be utilized to save the country from its economic ills.

I never did any research about what Gary Palmer was saying. I don't recall any of the other candidates bothering to say anything about what Gary Palmer was saying. I am not aware of any political commentator saying, "hey, Gary Palmer is really on to something here and his brilliance and knowledge on this makes him really stand out from the other candidates."

My assessment is that everything Gary Palmer knows and has to say about the country's energy resources, and utilizing them or not, is well known by thousands or tens of thousands of persons in Washington DC and in the energy industry, many of whom are pushing as fervently for greater utilization as Gary Palmer.

Further, I believe the presence of Gary Palmer in Washington DC won't make a whit of difference about the matter.

A main reason I believe Gary Palmer will not make a whit of difference is because Congress is "broken" and incapable of properly functioning for the American people and properly making a decision for greater utilization or not.

It would be great if the country had an Elizabeth Holmes for oil and gas, who knew something and told us something fantastically new and beneficial about the country's oil and gas situation, and about the utilization of our country's resources.

I am firmly of the belief that Gary Palmer does not bring a plugged nickel's worth of value to the table here.

What do you say, Matt Murphy? Do you think Gary Palmer is the Elizabeth Holmes of oil and gas?

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