Friday, October 24, 2014

Who will you work for, Gary Palmer?

Below is Independent candidate John Denney running for Congress in the Minnesota 6th Congressional district.

Please listen to Mr. Denney tell you why there is good reason to think that Gary Palmer will not be working for you in Washington DC.

Keep in mind this is the Gary Palmer who won't tell you whether he believes the machinery in Washington DC is "broke" or not. How can you think Gary Palmer will be working for you in Washington when he cannot even tell you about the condition of the machinery there?

It is pretty clear that Gary Palmer is thumbing his nose at the 6th Congressional district, and he will continue to thumb his nose at you about answering the charges made by Mr. Denney. See Is Gary Palmer thumbing his nose at the AL 6th Cong'l district? 

Please listen anyway to the below.

Thank you.

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