Monday, October 27, 2014

What's gonna happen?

From  Gary Palmer's 10/20/14 meeting with the editorial board

Will Republicans take over the U.S. Senate, and how does that change the way that you would approach this job?"I'm less political than most people think," Palmer says. "I'm more oriented towards policy. If you ask me a question, I'm going to give you an answer, and not a political one."
He says he'll fight for his policies regardless of who controls what house. He wants to be focused on policies and "what we can do," so he can look at himself in the mirror. He does think Republicans will take control of the Senate.
If Republicans control both houses, "there's a tremendous responsibility there to do something," Palmer says. He says he doesn't think the priority should be consolidating power, but leading, and reaching out to the other party to get legislation passed.
What's your ability to get things done considering the make-up of the House and Senate, and a Democratic president?He cites Clinton's passage of welfare reform with a Republican Congress, and he says that big things can be done with this setup. "I do think there's a sense of urgency" to get things done, he says.
Leaders have to get out and talk to the local media, not just get on Fox News. "I don't think press conferences at the National Press Club is the way to do it," Palmer says. 

First, can we hear anything from Mark Lester relative to the above?

Second, the war for 2016 is going to start in earnest on Nov. 5th, and Congress will fail to do its job properly for the American people for another two years.

Third, if Republicans win the Senate, Senator Shelby is expected to become chairman of the Banking Committee, Senator Sessions is expected to become chairman of the Budget Committee, and lobbyists with Alabama connections will slobber.

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