Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just answer the question, Gary Palmer

Gary Palmer, is Congress broke?

Or is it not broke?

Can't you give the voters in the Alabama 6th Congressional district an answer on that question?

How can you go to Washington to serve the district if you can't tell the voters whether you think Congress is broke, or not broke?

So, Gary Palmer, just answer the question.

Is Congress broke, or not?


Gary Palmer knows what this is about. Many readers won't know so much, so let me fill them in.

I ran in the Republican primary election starting in February and ending on June 3rd.

Throughout my campaign I tried to ask these questions: 

1. Is Congress "broke"? How "broke" is Congress? (The word "broke" comes from Dale Jackson. I variously used the adjectives "broken","dysfunctional", "failed", and "kaput" to describe our Congress.)

2. If one's answer to the first question is "very" broke (or dysfunctional, or failed, or kaput), is there a diagnosis that can be made about reasons for the same?

3. If there is such a diagnosis, is there anything that can be done to fix (or significantly improve) the situation?

In my campaign in the primary election, I could not get any meaningful discussion by the other candidates about question 1.

The unwillingness to talk about question 1 also extended to: (i) Senators Sessions and Shelby and Representative Bachus (and the rest of the Alabama legislative delegation in Washington DC); (ii) the sponsors of and questioners in numerous 6th Congressional district candidate forums; and (iii) local media and political commentators.

With no answer being given by the other candidates or others to question 1, I could get no consideration of questions 2 or 3.

(Dale Jackson was an exception. Dale emphatically said Congress was broke, and he further said everyone agrees Congress is broke. Dale also gave a diagnosis that, "the electoral process lends itself to the stupidest people being played to , and that has failed us, money or not, and they will always pander to the rubes." See Dale Jackson says and listen to the podcast link.)

This campaign website documents fulsomely the foregoing. Here are a few key links:

So, reader, let me leave it to you to figure this out about why Gary Palmer probably won't answer the question.

Here's something, however, I consider worthy for you to consider.

Senator Shelby and Representative Bachus at least gave me a non-response response to the above referenced "open letter." Senator Sessions did not deign to give me even a non-response response.

If you go to Gary Palmer's Facebook campaign page, you can check out Gary Palmer's September 18th timeline entry reporting the endorsement of Gary Palmer by Senator Sessions. My guess is that I have been entirely unspoken about between Senator Sessions and Gary Palmer, and Gary Palmer knows he need not bring up to the voters in the Alabama 6th Congressional district any idea about whether Congress is broke or not broke.

What do you think?

EDIT: Gary Palmer is going to be on Matt Murphy tomorrow morning. Please call in to Matt to make sure he gets Gary Palmer to answer the question I have posed.

UPDATE 9/25: Matt Murphy did not ask Gary Palmer the question this morning. I believe I have greater reason today (compared to yesterday) to think Gary Palmer will not answer the question. I think Matt has made a conscious decision that he will not ask Gary Palmer the question. I think the same is true for Dale Jackson and Richard Dixon. I have sent an email to a WAPI contact to confirm this about Matt, Dale and Richard, and that a fair inference is that Matt, Dale and Richard do not believe that an answer to the question from Gary Palmer is or could be of material interest to voters in the 6th Congressional district.


If you want Gary Palmer to answer the question, you should help me out.

I have sent a couple hundred tweets (such as the one you probably received), giving a link to this page. My page view counter says that (as of 9/27) I have had more than a 150 page views of this page, most of which have resulted from recipients of my tweets clicking on the link to this page.

I will keep on tweeting.

I alone cannot get Gary Palmer to answer the question. If others will tweet as well, possibly the number of page views will mount into the thousands, and Gary Palmer will be forced to answer the question.

It is quick and easy to send tweets, and you can probably send 50 tweets in 15 minutes.

Find a follower list for sending to followers on the list individually. There are many, many follower lists which can be used to send tweets.

Then, put the tweet message on your clipboard.   Start going through the follower list you have chosen.. Right click on a follower's twitter account, click the "tweet to _______" button, paste your tweet message in the box which pops up, click "send tweet" button, and close that follower's page. Go on to the next follower on the followers list you have selected.

For your tweet message, I suggest the message I am using, which is
Just answer the question, Gary Palmer. 
There are hundreds of follower lists you can choose from. Perhaps you want a follower list which will have some followers whom you know, such as the follower list for a school or church twitter account.

If you want some suggestions for follower lists to use, consider the following (approximate numbers of followers shown in parentheses).:

Kyle Whitmire: (6051)
John Archibald: (7848)
Joey Kennedy: (4184)
Matt Murphy: (4581)
Jeff Co. GOP (545)
Shelby Co. GOP (8934)
Chilton County HS: (295) (a lot of students but they can pass info on)
Blount County Sports (1593)
Run Gardendale (126)
Homewood Chamber of Commerce (2099)
Shelby County Sheriffs Office (1692)
City of Fultondale (169)
Shelby County Reporter (4987)
Over The Mountain Journal (924)
Village Living (600)
Vestavia Voice (112)
Weld For Birmingham (6296)
Birmingham Business ((7425) (most of B'ham not in 6th district)
Trussville Tribune (3272)
Vestavia Hils (1184)
Hoover Library (739)
Mountain Brook Chamber (4461)

Suggestions: If a follower does not show tweet activity within the past couple of wees, I would skip that follower. I would not worry about precise geography. If location is Birmingham, I would say send a tweet. (The 6th district includes Blount County, Shelby County, Chilton County, and Bibb County. For Jefferson County, it includes, among other suburbs, Gardendale on the north, picks up Trussville, Irondale and Leeds on the east, and then the "over the mountain" Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Hoover , etc.)  (Here is Map of the 6th Congressional District.)

Start sending your tweets, and I will keep you updated here on total page view of this page. Let's the voters send Gary Palmer a message he cannot ignore!

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