Saturday, October 25, 2014

Will there be disarray regardless, Gary Palmer?

Susan Sarandon has found me.

I post her email below because of her sentence which says in part, "We can allow Congress to fall even further into disarray by letting Republicans take charge of the Senate or . . .."

Is our Congress currently in disarray, Gary Palmer?

If the Republicans take the Senate, will Congress be in less disarray? More disarray? About the same disarray?

I think Congress is in disarray and will continue to be in disarray regardless, so long as politicians such as yourself cannot bring themselves to talk about the matter with their consitituents.

What do you say, Gary Palmer?

I know.

You won't say anything.

(Are you getting fed up with Gary Palmer?  Write in Rob Shattuck for Congress in AL06.)

From: Susan Sarandon <>
Date: Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Subject: We need to do something big, together
To: Robert Shattuck <>
Susan Sarandon 
Can you join us in calling women voters in key battleground states this weekend to make sure they show up to vote?

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

I'm going to keep this brief because, believe it or not, I don't really like speaking in front of large groups. And while this isn't exactly a speech, MoveOn members are actually a pretty big crowd.
Truth be told, that's the reason I thought this note was worth sending—because we need to do something big, together, to stop Democrats from losing the Senate this year.
We can allow Congress to fall even further into disarray by letting Republicans take charge of the Senate or, together, we can fend them off by joining one of the country's biggest get-out-the-vote programs.
Look, there are a lot of causes in the world that we should care about. As an "activist" (I really prefer the term "engaged citizen"), I do what I can to draw attention to them.
But here's the thing: If you care about any individual causes, then you have to care about elections—because so much boils down to who we allow to make the laws we live under. And this election is particularly important to women—and the men who love them.
There are too many Republican candidates downright lying about their positions on issues important to women—from equal pay for equal work to access to contraception.
That's why MoveOn has dedicated this weekend exclusively to calling women voters. (Don't worry, fellas—you all can still make calls this weekend too. In fact, we need everyone to step up and talk to voters.)
I live in New York, and there's no big Senate race here this year. Instead, the action is in states like Colorado, Iowa, and North Carolina. What voters there decide to do—or not do—will impact me, too.
If you care about Social Security being around for this generation and the next, if you care about working people getting a raise, if you care about women earning equal pay, then I hope you'll make a few calls to voters this year.
It's good being in the struggle with you all, and I'm looking forward to hearing about the tens of thousands of women who turn out to vote because of our calls.
Thanks for all you do.

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