Friday, October 17, 2014

For the University of Montevallo community

Yesterday, Gary Palmer met with President Stewart, and Gary Palmer tweeted about the meeting (which tweet I have embedded below).

More than a month ago, I initiated trying to get a local symposium with the suggested title of  "The Condition of Our Federal Government, Campaign Finance, and Freedom of Speech". See Extension of Solicitation of Symposium before Nov. 4th. I sent the idea to Provost Suzanne Ozment. Dr. Ozment replied that she forwarded my proposal to the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, but expressed that special event schedules had been already set.

I doubt that a local symposium will be held before November 4th.

I am trying to disseminate as widely as possible in the Alabama 6th Congressional district (including by email and tweets) this link:

Just answer the question, Gary Palmer

I hope Dr. Stewart and the University of Montevallo community will think it worthwhile to get Gary Palmer to answer my question.

Thank you.

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