Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mark Lester on special interest money

On September 10th, Mark Lester, the Democratic candidate in the AL 6th Congressional district, posted the below video of highlights from a press conference he held the day before about special interest money.

Please note Professor Lester's opening statement that, "The most important issue in this campaign is that Congress is broken, and one of the great reasons that Congress is broken is that it is awash with special interest money."

Highlights from Mark Lester's press conference on special interest money


I agree with Professor Lester that "The most important issue in this campaign is that Congress is broken."

I have been trying to talk about this "most important issue" since February.

I encountered steadfast unwillingness to talk about it from all of the following: (i) Senators Sessions and Shelby and Representative Bachus (as well as the rest of the Alabama legislative delegation in Washington DC); (ii) the other six candidates in the Republican primary; (iii) the sponsors of and questioners in numerous 6th Congressional candidate forums; and (iv) local media and political commentators.

Currently, I am trying to get a local Symposium about the subject before Nov. 4th, having the suggested title "The Condition of Our Federal Government, Campaign Finance, and Freedom of Speech". See Extension of Solicitation of Symposium before Nov. 4th.

If there is anything you can do to help me get such a Symposium, please contact me.

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