Friday, July 11, 2014

On Nov. 4, 2014, write in Rob Shattuck for Congress in AL06

The trigger for this entry is last night's MAYDAY.US Q&A session with Lawrence Lessig and Ben Wikler.

The session started at 9 pm Eastern time, and lasted a little over an hour. A podcast of the session can be viewed here. (Note: when I watched it this morning, the audio did not seem to kick in until a minute into the podcast.)

If you are interested in my efforts, you should find an hour to watch the above podcast. The podcast will let you know about the national effort that is being attempted.

This is a national effort, and regardless of the level of interest in the AL 6th Congressional district to try to fix that which is fundamentally wrong with Congress and our governance in Washington DC, there are and will be candidates and people working on this around the country. If you decide it is hopeless in the Alabama 6th Congressional district, you can find ways to contribute to this national effort in other Congressional districts and states.

In this movement, everything potentially helps to advance the cause.

I put in a great deal of effort to publicize this matter in my run from February to June in the Republican primary in the 6th Congressional district. I had no campaign funding, and, by June 3rd, there was only very limited awareness of my candidacy and campaign. I got only 500 to 600 votes.

The test of all this is whether the voters care about the issue. The national effort will depend on this. Right now I would say it is very unknown how much voters care or could come to care about the issue.

For them to care, the voters need to be made aware of the issue, and to find out whether they care, there needs to be a way for voters to register that they care.

Given that everything can potentially help the national effort, and given the soapbox I have constructed about this issue in the Alabama 6th Congressional district, there seems no reason not to extend my efforts to a write in campaign for the November election. Such is an opportunity to do more purveying of my message to the voters, and, to the extent more voters learn about and react favorably to that message, they can register that they care by writing me in on the ballot in November.

If voters in the 6th district don't care about the issue and don't write me in on the ballot in November, that is a fact of life that the national effort will need to take into account.

To the extent voters show that they care about the issue and write me in to demonstrate the same, that will help the national effort.

All in all, it seems a very easy decision for me to extend my efforts to carrying out a write in campaign for the November election, and I am doing so.


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