Friday, June 6, 2014

"You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore"

On Tuesday, Richard Dixon offered candidates to call in and make a last pitch to his radio show listeners. I called in and said I wanted to discuss briefly the complete unresponsiveness to my candidacy that had taken place during the four months of the election campaign. I said there was a tyranny by the political class in Washington DC over the rest of the country. I said the political class was a duopoly of the Republicans and Democrats, with gunslinger lobbyists shifting back and forth. I said a prime tool of the Washington political class was to keep the electorate divided and polarized, so it would not ever unite to take needed action against the political class. In my impugning of the political class in Washington, that political class included Senators Shelby and Sessions and Representative Bachus. I said there was top down control, and , at the lower level such as the one I was on, it was understandable that no one was going to open their mouth about what I was saying. I concluded by saying, I understand that, and I just wanted listeners to understand the same.

Nixon is alive and well and is going to hang around for awhile longer, as evidenced by the blog postings in Be An Alabama Rootstriker the past two days.

I had extremely limited reach in putting out my campaign message during the past four months. I am frankly surprised now how limited my message reach was.

Four months ago, I am sure Matt, Dale, Richard and others would have gladly told me, no matter what effort I put in, only a very small percentage of the voters would be aware of me, and even a smaller percentage would have any understanding of what my campaign was about, and that is why what I was doing was crazy.

But, heck, that was not what I wanted to hear, and all I wanted to do was bull my way ahead.

Well, I did that, and here I am, still here.

I have a neat little soapbox to stand on, which I did not have before, to make my pitch.

So, here's the deal now.

I want to continue pushing my message out. My immediate objective is to add Twitter followers and Facebook friends. I drummed up about zero support during the past four months. Let's see what kind of support I can get in the next five weeks, starting off with the little soapbox the preceding four months have given me.

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