Monday, June 9, 2014

DeMarco, Palmer, and our sucky Congress

When will the AL06 run off candidates Paul DeMarco and Gary Palmer tell us what they are going to do about our sucky Congress?

Here are Dale Jackson and I, in a telephone radio interview on May 1, 2014, discussing our sucky Congress:

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Update 6/11:    Was Eric Cantor too much part of a sucky Congress?

Update 6/12:   Since creating this entry on June 9th, I have sent out hundreds of tweets containing a link to this entry, and there have been 120 page views of this entry.

Update 6/14:  See Manifesto for AL 6th Congressional district voters.

Update 6/16:  See Question for Paul DeMarco and Gary Palmer.

Update 6/17:   There have now been 360 page views of this entry. I think just about everyone agrees Congress really sucks.

Update 6/20:  See Open letter to the Birmingham Business Alliance, the Business Council of Alabama, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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