Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lessig's latest statement of case

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig has initiated an email newsletter. In the first newsletter, he advised that, in connection with the Mayday PAC, he has written a medium-length piece pulling the arguments together about the problem with the way political campaigns are funded in America today. Below I have reproduced his newsletter item about this, which includes a link to his new piece and also a link for subscribing to the newsletter.

A deep dive on Super PACs

I’ve written three books, gaggles of articles, gaggles^2 of essays, and a billion (or so) tweets about the problem with the way we fund campaigns in America today. But on the launch of our Mayday PAC, I was pushed by many to commit to writing a medium-length piece pulling the arguments together. I did. It is published, appropriately enough, on the cool new platform, Medium. You can read it here. (And if I were soliciting, it would be here I’d say something like “pledge if you can” but you see, I’m not doing that.)

That’s all for the week. If you’ve got stuff I should see, email it to (if I use anything, I will always give credit where credit is due). And remember, you will only get this again if you subscribe here.

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