Monday, June 2, 2014

Please help me tweet to voters in AL06 today and tomorrow

[Update 6/3 7:30 am. There were over 400 page views of this yesterday. If you see this today, you can make a difference by tweeting as instructed below. For emailing, calling and texting before 7 pm today, go here.]

I have a great Congressional campaign going in the Alabama 6th Congressional district. The primary election day is tomorrow. 

If you have an hour or two before 5 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, June 3rd, please help me send tweets to voters in the district.  (Here is Map of the 6th Congressional District.)

It is pretty easy to do.

Copy this tweet message on your clipboard. 
#AL06 Cong'l dist.-- SAVE YOUR COUNTRY ON JUNE 3rd. Vote for Rob Shattuck.

Pick one of the twitter accounts listed below, and go to the follower list. Proceeding through the follower list, right click on a follower's name, and open in a new tab, which will be a page that has a tweet send box. Paste your tweet message in the box, click send, close the tweet box, and go to the next follower.

The below are some twitter accounts which should have a large number of followers in the Alabama 6th Congressional district(numbers of followers shown in parentheses):

Kyle Whitmire: (6051)
John Archibald: (7848)
Joey Kennedy: (4184)
Matt Murphy: (4581)
Jeff Co. GOP (545)
Shelby Co. GOP (8934)
Chilton County HS: (295) (a lot of students but they can pass info on)
Blount County Sports (1593)
Run Gardendale (126)
Homewood Chamber of Commerce (2099)
Shelby County Sheriffs Office (1692)
City of Fultondale (169)
Shelby County Reporter (4987)
Over The Mountain Journal (924)
Village Living (600)
Vestavia Voice (112)
Weld For Birmingham (6296)
Birmingham Business ((7425) (most of B'ham not in 6th district)
Trussville Tribune (3272)
Vestavia Hils (1184)
Hoover Library (739)
Mountain Brook Chamber (4461)

Suggestions: If a follower does not show tweet activity within past 24 hours, I would skip that follower. I would not worry about precise geography. If location is Birmingham, I would say send a tweet. (The 6th district includes Blount County, Shelby County, Chilton County, and Bibb County. For Jefferson County, it includes, among other suburbs) Gardendale on the north, picks up Trussville, Irondale and Leeds on the east, and then the "over the mountain" Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Hoover , etc.)

Thank you very, very much if you can help out for a couple of hours!

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