Monday, March 10, 2014

Tracking my campaign's progress

In this entry I will track the progress of my campaign by means of page view information.  I have set the page view counter not to count my own page views.  I will give information about total page views and page views of selected entries.  I had this blog before this 2014 election and will separate out page views from before and after February 8, 2014 (when I began this campaign).

The below information is as of April 18, 2014.

Total page views before February 8, 2014:      6,871
Total page views since February 8, 2014:     4,708

Total page views of selected individual entries
(entry dates are in parentheses):

Open letter to Representative DeMarco (4/17/14)               44 page views

Representative Bachus' response (4/7/14)                             10 page views

National battle plan (2014) (4/5/14)                                       34 page views
Channel 13 debate video; Commentary (3/31/14)                  77 page views

Second open letter to Alabama delegation (3/25/14)                61 pages views

Eagle Forum video (3/21/14)                                                  73 page views

Senator Shelby's response to open letter (2/26/14)                  148 pages views

Governmental blocking of my political email (2/25/14)               40 page views
Open letter to Alabama delegation in Washington  (2/20/14)      331 page views

My 2014 election (at a glance) (2/8/14)                                    237 page views

Lesterland: The Corruption of Congress and How To End It     343 page views (about 300 page views from before 2/8/14)

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