Sunday, March 30, 2014

Making sure my candidacy is understood

The candidates have been told that the audience range for tomorrow night's televised debate can be expected to be in the vicinity of 30,000 viewers.  I want to do what I can to have viewers understand my candidacy.

Yesterday I posted what I am going to say in my one minute opening statement at the debate and indicated what my 30 second answers will be on possible question topics.

My posting gave links to other blog entries for understanding my candidacy.

I emailed the other candidates and Thomas Allen, the WVTM Channel 13 Assistant News Director who is handling the debate, about the above posting I made.  I will email Mr. Allen again today and urge that he provide to Mike Royer, Leland Whaley, Barnett Wright and Linda White links to my posting to try to make sure they, as the debate moderator and panelists, understand my candidacy.

I have invitations from Matt Murphy and Richard Dixon for their talk shows, which I have not responded to yet.  I will respond to those invitations today and refer to my wanting to make sure my candidacy is understood.

Yellowhammer News has this story about tomorrow night's Channel 13 debate.  "Crusader" posted a comment (which you can see underneath the Channel 13 debate story) in which "Crusader" gives his impression of the Eagle Forum candidate forum, including saying that I might have lost the audience at the Eagle Forum.  I posted a reply to Crusader's comment and "Crusader" posted a reply to my reply. Crusader's comment, insofar as it related to me, echoed what a person said to me after the Eagle Forum.

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