Monday, July 3, 2017

Roy Moore Twitter


TO: As many Alabama Twitter users (and others) as we can tweet to

We who are tweeting  here are Alabamians who are trying to constructively use Twitter to engage in discussion in the Alabama special election for the U.S. Senate.

The hashtags we are trying to use are #alsen and #alpolitics

A few Roy Moore supporters, who may be bots, have for weeks been repetitively tweeting scores of times the same few tweets, which tweets have big image attachments. These tweets are cluttering the hashtags #alsen and #alpolitics, and impairing their use by us who want to use the hashtags to discuss the Senate election and by others for other Alabama political messaging.

We protest this use of Twitter by Roy Moore. To fight back, we urge Alabama Twitter users to send the tweet set out in Step One and to get other Alabama Twitter users to send the same tweet. Maybe this will result in Roy Moore stopping this abusive use of Twitter by him and his supporters.

To help us do this, please follow Steps One and Two.

Thank you.

Step One
Click on the link below to send a tweet that says, "@MooreSenate, stop abusing Twitter.#alpolitics #alsen"  (After you click the link, you will see a preview of your tweet, and your tweet will not be sent until you click the "Tweet" button in the preview.)

Step Two
Get others to send the tweet in Step One by tweeting, sharing, etc. this:
Tell Roy Moore to stop abusing Twitter.

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