Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pressuring #ALSen on health care

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TO: As many Alabamians as we can tweet to

We who are tweeting to you are Alabamians who are angered by the way Donald Trump and the Republicans are failing to do the right thing for the American people regarding health care.

Meeting the health care needs of the American people is one of the hardest problems the country faces. The costs involved are enormous. The problem grows with stupendous advances in medicine that improve the lives and health of untold tens of millions of Americans, because the advances are also stupendously expensive.

We Alabamians think that for more than 20 years Congress has, in its polarization between Republicans and Democrats, failed to confront the country's health care needs and their costs in a responsible and realistic way and failed to  reach a bipartisan agreement that Congress is able to propose for all Americans, Democrats, Republicans and independents alike, to "buy into" and accept for the country, albeit that there will always be much complaint.

Both Obamacare and the Republican bills fail the test of bipartisan agreement.

We Alabamians wish to demand that all the candidates in the Alabama special election for the United States Senate expressly acknowledge the 20 year failure of Congress to reach bipartisan agreement and demand that the candidates have public discussions about what they believe can be a bipartisan agreement on health care. We Alabamians wish to tell any candidate who does not do the foregoing that we will not vote for that candidate.

We are sending thousands of tweets to Alabamians to ask them to join with us, and send even more thousands of tweets to other Alabamians, in order to express collectively the foregoing demand we Alabamians are making on all the candidates.

To join in with us, please follow Steps One and Two below.

Step One
Click on the link below to send a tweet that says, "Tweet to demand #alsen candidates discuss a bipartisan healthcare agreement. #alsenhealth"  (After you click the link, you will see a preview of your tweet, and your tweet will not be sent until you click the "Tweet" button in the preview.)
Tweet here

Step Two
Send individual tweets to other Alabamians, which tweets have a link to this webpage. This will be to try to get recipients of tweets to come to this webpage, send their own tweet in Step One, and, after that, join in sending tweets to more Alabamans in this Step Two..The goal here to get a large number of "pyramiding" of tweets going.

A suggested tweet message to send in this Step Two is:
Tweet to demand candidates in AL Senate special election discuss a bipartisan healthcare agreement.
Then you need to find follower lists of Twitter accounts in your geographic location that have a lot of followers. Below are examples of good Twitter follower lists to use for the Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile areas:

A. General
This tweeting involves a non-standard use of Twitter, namely, the sending of large numbers of individually directed tweets to followers of other Twitter accounts (not your own followers).
A ground has been staked out with Twitter for this method of tweeting. See letter to Twitter @Support.
The object of this method of tweeting is to get a "pyramiding" of tweets going in Alabama.

B. How to send your tweets efficiently from laptops
In doing your tweeting, you are repetitively sending the same tweet message. This can be done very efficiently, at least on a laptop computer. Get the tweet message on your mouse clipboard, go to the follower list  you are using for your tweeting, start with the first person on the list you want to tweet to, and do this:
1. Right click on person's Twitter name.
2. Choose "open in new tab"
3. Go to the new tab.
4. Click on the "Tweet to" button.
5. Paste the tweet message in the box.
6. Hit the "Tweet" button.
7. Close the tab, which takes you back to the list
8. Go on to next person, and repeat above steps.
You should be able to send 35 to 70 tweets in a half hour. Send as many tweets as you are willing to. Don't worry about any duplication that you think may arise.

C. How to send your tweets efficiently on smartphones
[to be added]

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