Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dear Moore tweeters

Dear Roy Moore tweeters:

I don't know whether or not your tweets are spamming abuse on Twitter. As you know, I have reported you to Twitter. I am content to leave it to Twitter decide, and I won't be bothered one way or the other going forward.

The #alsen and #alpolitics hashtags on Twitter are pathetic with their absence of candidate debate and voter/candidate interaction.

There are only about ten to fifteen of you Moore tweeters. For many weeks you have been posting scores or hundreds of times about ten different tweets and attached media images. That doesn't contribute much to the political conversation.

There are virtually no tweeters for the other #alsen candidates.

A few weeks ago I endeavored to engage with you by means of doing replies to some of your tweets. You didn't respond.

Roy Moore himself has not responded to any of the many things I have put to him via Twitter.

While I think you and Roy Moore should be able to engage in political discussion, if you and he can't or won't, that's yours and his choice.

I wish to continue the endeavor to engage with you, and indirectly Roy Moore, and I will use this blog entry to make a record of that.

I have gone to the Twitter accounts of some of you to get a better sense of what your political thinking is. I expect to address some of that here. I may mention some of you individually.

Continuation 1:
Your candidate needs all the campaigning he can get in order to win.
Very few AL voters come to hashtags #alsen and #alpolitics on Twitter, and your tweets there would seem to achieve almost no campaign effect.
A tweeting bank, such as the one I put up at Alabamians tweeting for Roy Moore, can reach a lot of Alabama voters if there is a small group of motivated Roy Moore supporters to get the tweeting bank going.
My experience is that individually directed tweets achieve a good percentage of success in getting recipients to click on the link.
I am promoting tweeting banks because I am interested in their potential as a way for achieving greater voter involvement in the electoral process. I don't claim any proprietary interest in the concept. Anyone is free to borrow the idea and create their own tweeting bank, including setting up their own webpage for their tweets to link to, all completely independent of me.
I think tweeting banks can be especially valuable for those candidates who genuinely hold themselves out as "candidates of the people." This is because the tweeting bank allows people to participate in a concrete way and for others to see that participation and be induced to join in.
Roy Moore's campaign especially emphasizes his being a "candidate of the people," and thus I think a tweeting bank for his campaign has significant potential benefit.
I would be pleased to answer any questions anyone has.

Continuation 2:
At least some of you appear as absolute believers in Donald Trump, right up to today.
I voted for Trump and quickly turned against him after he won.
What, if anything, will cause you to turn against Trump?
What are salient considerations for you?
Let's agree that Trump saw that you were hurting, and that his campaign was for you.
It's also fair to say that Bernie Sanders saw you were hurting, and he tried to campaign for you.
A consideration for you is how genuinely Trump was and is for you.
There is probably no doubting the genuineness of Bernie Sanders.
There are reasons for doubting how genuinely Donald Trump is for you.
You now have six months of his Presidency, and there is a lot there you can consider in judging how genuinely Trump is for you, and whether he may have duped you and is betraying you.
To try to answer that for yourself, ask yourself: Is Trump now greatly impaired to achieve what you desired him to achieve for you? If so, why is Trump impaired, to what extent is he to blame, and to what extent is Trump to blame because he selfishly chose for himself and against you?
Please read A Trump speech -NOT, and discern the choice that Trump could have made for you, but instead made for himself.
Then consider how that choice has contributed to his Russia problem. Consider how, for his own selfish purposes, Trump has chosen that his wealth and businesses are none of the country's business, that he is entitled to use the Presidency to further enrich himself, and that he need not and will not be open about his wealth and businesses and his ties to other countries and governments (particularly including Russia). This stance of Trump has contributed to Trump being in his Russia quagmire, which is greatly impairing Trump doing for you whatever it is you wanted from him.
In other words, Trump's genuineness in being for you can be seen as suspect.
There is much else that creates doubt about Trump's genuineness in being for you.

[to be continued]

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