Friday, June 23, 2017

Health care symposium

This is a solicitation for a health care symposium to be held in Alabama in connection with the 2017 Alabama special election for the United States Senate, such symposium to be focused on  the nation's health care law, and whether and how it should be reformed.

The Alabama primary election will be on August 15th, any runoff will be on September 26th, and the general election will be on December 12th. It is unpredictable how long Congress will have under consideration the enactment of a new health care law.

A health care symposium will require one or more sponsors and a facility at which the symposium can be held.

Possible sponsors include the Alabama Republican and Democratic parties; relevant academic departments at UAB and the University of Alabama, and other Alabama colleges and universities; Alabama news media organizations (TV stations, radio stations, Birmingham Business Journal, Weld, etc.); Alabama health care provider organizations; and chambers of commerce (Business Council of Alabama, Birmingham Business Alliance, etc.).

Potential participants in the symposium would include candidates in the election; members of the Alabama legislative delegation in Washington; Alabama academic experts on health care delivery systems and financing; representatives of Alabama hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and other providers; representatives from the Alabama Medicaid program, other Alabama health departments, and Alabama non-profit health care organizations; and representatives of citizens and business groups.

Issues for symposium
1. Do markets and competition work in health care?

Position papers of interested parties
Solicitation will be made of interested parties in Alabama to provide links to position papers they have regarding healthcare, and such links will be set forth below:

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