Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mo Brooks and Swamp

Yesterday I tweeted several times to the effect that Alabamians are getting mealy mouthed palaver from the #alsen candidates about draining the swamp. This got about zero reaction. I would say the explanation for that is I don't matter and they don't need to react.

Be that as it may, there is more about the Washington Swamp to get into.

The talk about the Swamp is empty unless the #alsen candidates define what they mean by the Swamp.

I go along with Mo Brooks' definition on his website, which says:
President Trump was right when he called Washington, D.C. a swamp. Big-moneyed lobbyists and special interest groups peddle influence with corrupt elected officials. Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have refused to play their nefarious games. As your next Senator, I will fight to “Drain the Swamp” by standing up to the corruption and powerful special interests who bribe, bully, and threaten elected officials into doing their bidding.
To follow up on my suggestion from yesterday, why doesn't Mo Brooks name names? There are 535 members of Congress. Given how adamantly Mo Brooks defines what the Swamp is, surely Mo Brooks should be able to start naming names of who is bigly swampy and who is not.

If Mo Brooks is not willing to name names, he needs to explain why, if he is to be taken seriously about draining the swamp.

Then there is the matter of Donald Trump. With the burgeoning conflicts of interest presented by the Trump business, either that is evidence that Donald Trump is now a major part of the Swamp, or else Mo Brooks needs to explain why he thinks Donald Trump is not contributing bigly to making the Swamp swampier.

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