Friday, July 21, 2017

The question of Trump

The basic question about Trump is whether he conforms, or will conform, or try to conform, or pretend to conform, to the ideal that there is a public interest and there are private interests, and public officials are supposed to put the public interest ahead of their private interests.

After six months, Trump has made it clear that he does not conform, and he will not conform, or try or pretend to conform, to that ideal, and all that ultimately counts is Trump, the Trump name, the Trump persona, Trump power, and Trump glorification.

Trump does not even pretend otherwise.

Then there are the Republican #alsen candidates and the Alabama Republican delegation in Washington DC.

They don't care that Trump does not even pretend to put the "public interest" ahead of Trump.

Here's a test that should convince you about some things.

Say Trump could click his fingers and the Republican health care bill would pass. He would say, "this is a great bill," and, of course, it was passed because of him, and it proves he is a great President and can get things done.

Now say Trump could click his fingers, get Democrats elected in 2018, and get a single payer health care bill enacted in 2019. If Trump could do that, who of you out there thinks he would not do it?

Doing that would just as well allow Trump to say, and he would say, "this is a great law, it was passed because of me, and it proves I am a great President who can get things done."

That's what I think, Republican #alsen candidates. What do you think?

As you think about that, review my below tweets, to which you have given no response.

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