Saturday, July 8, 2017

Referendum on Trump

I am advocating that the United States Senate election in Alabama be made a referendum on Donald Trump. See
Alabamians tweeting against Trump.

I have received the below tweet:
I have watched the video. I wish to use the video as a basis for discussion about Trump (pending something else coming to my attention which I think would be a better basis). The video is from February. I will ask David Horowitz whether he has any further views now that Trump has been in office for five months, which views I will post here.

I voted for Trump and then turned against him. My blog entry Trump Censure explains this based on the period of time until March 2017. There has been much more since February, just about all of which has made me more negative about Trump.

In connection with the forum this past Wednesday, I endeavored to pose a question to the candidates about where their level of confidence in Trump as President stood five months into his administration. I am not aware of any of the candidates answering the question. I continue to pose that question to the candidates.

Whether I will succeed in eliciting discussion from the candidates or from Alabama voters remains to be seen. Readers should feel free to post comments below or email me or send me links for inclusion in this discussion.

I believe Trump is about to be engulfed by the "in plain sight" Russia scandal, which has recently been laid out well by David Corn in his Mother Jones article We Already Know Trump Betrayed America. Trump has done everything he can to try to deflect from the "in plain sight" scandalous conduct of himself and his campaign regarding the Russia intervention and hacking in the election. The Russia cyberwar against the United States extends far beyond the country's democratic processes, including threats to critical infrastructure of the country such as the electrical grid, water systems and the financial system. Trump's scandal has put him in the ridiculous position of pussy footing around with Putin and Putin's denial of Russia interference in the election. Is Putin next going to deny any and all Russia cyberwar against the United States? In short, Trump's "in plain sight" scandal is spilling over and undermining the country's defense against Russia cyberwar against the United States. (See Bob Bauer for related discussion.

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