Saturday, July 18, 2015

How about bare knuckles in AL?

Last November, Professors Lessig and Teachout talked with Bill Moyers about their bare knuckle fight against money in politics.

For 2015 MAYDAY has been practicing "nice guy" to knock politely on doors of Representatives in Congress and importune, "Will you please do what is right for the American people?"

Will this work?

Right now, MAYDAY seems to think so.

I don't know what they think about Alabama.

I have been laboring to fight the battle in Alabama for over a year. I can't say I have made any headway.

I have tried "bare knuckles" within my capacities. See, e.g. Just answer the question, Gary Palmer and Rep. Palmer: Do you #FeelTheBernHeat? 

Who can help me with "bare knuckles" against Gary Palmer in his Tele-Townhall next Tuesday (per the below)?

News from Congressman Gary Palmer
Participate in Congressman Gary Palmer's Tele-Townhall!

Join Congressman Gary Palmer of Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 21, for a tele-townhall. Participate by calling a toll-free number and join your friends and neighbors in discussing the issues important to you with Gary. Simply dial the number listed below, listen in, and, time permitting, ask your own questions directly of Gary.  You can also sign up with the link below to be called, rather than having to call in. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your views with your U.S. Congressman.

Who: Congressman Gary Palmer and The People of Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District

Where: Anywhere where you have access to a phone

 July 21, 2015 at 5-5:30pm CST

 Click this link to sign up to be called: 

Or, call (877) 229-8493 toll-free, then enter the call number: 114449.

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