Monday, July 13, 2015

Dear @ALforBernie and @BhamForBernie

Dear @ALforBernie and @BhamForBernie,

It appears that yesterday's first Bernie Meetup in Birmingham was a great success.

I know you have much organizing work to do, and it will take awhile for your campaign for Bernie in Alabama to take shape.

I am in the campaign finance reform movement.

I have previously written about how I would like Alabama for Bernie 2016 to push strenuously the campaign finance reform issue, regarding which Bernie Sanders is now the leading spokesperson. (Please see To: Alabama for Bernie 2016 Community.)

As you sort through the political issues that Bernie Sanders is raising and make decisions which you will emphasize, I would like the opportunity to meet with one or more of your leaders and discuss why I think your Sanders effort in Alabama should emphasize the campaign finance reform issue.

Please contact me if that is possible.

Thank you.

Rob Shattuck

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