Saturday, July 11, 2015

1st Bernieham Meetup tomorrow

The 1st #BerniehamMeetup will take place tomorrow at 4 pm at Good People Brewing Company, 114 14th St S, Birmingham, Alabama 35233.

When I first saw the scheduling of the event, I posted To: Alabama For Bernie 2016 Community and was permitted to post a link to the same on the Alabama For Bernie 2016 Community Facebook, where the link remains as a comment to the top post there.

There will be a lot of enthusiasm and energy at the Meetup, and everyone will have to begin to get their bearings in the conduct of the Sanders campaign in Alabama.

It will take time for the campaign to develop.

I hope the Alabama campaign will take up and push on the campaign finance reform issue and possibly take me up on what I laid out in To: Alabama For Bernie 2016 Community.

Get a head start and tweet now for
campaign finance reform in #Bernieham

Send or retweet this tweet:
This is #Bernieham, and we are going to make campaign finance reform a top issue in Alabama. #alpolitics

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