Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rep. Palmer: Do you #FeelTheBernHeat?

Dear Congressman Palmer:

The goal of  MAYDAY.US is to elect a reform minded Congress by 2016.

On the front page of the MAYDAY.US website (at the lower right of the front page) there is a quotation from a Forbes magazine article. The quotation is:
“The mortal struggle at hand today is not between the right and the left. It is not between Republicans and Democrats. It is not between the Congress and the president. It is between us (currently outsiders to our own government) voters and the Washington Insiders.”
That quotation expresses the gist of the campaign I endeavored to conduct last year in the Republican primary election for the Alabama 6th Congressional district.

I did everything I could to raise this matter in the primary election, and you and the other five candidates ignored me.

After the primary election on June 3rd, I continued to try to press the matter in a public way during your runoff election with Paul DeMarco, and also during the general election campaign in the 6th Congressional district. Since November's election I have not stopped.

I believe you are fairly apprised of the badgering I have done of you on this matter, and you know of your refusal to respond.

For readers of this blog entry who desire information about your refusal to respond and state your views, I refer them to Just answer the question, Gary Palmer.

I believe you are also aware that there are numerous organizations at work nationally to try to fix our broken Federal government. They are pursuing a variety of approaches.

MAYDAY.US is focused on the Congressional elections.

MoveToAmend is trying to get a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision, by working from the bottom up and getting city councils and state legislatures to pass resolutions urging such a constitutional amendment.

Represent.Us is seeking to get anti-corruption measures passed at local governmental levels.

WolfPac is trying to get states to call a convention of states under Article V and pass a Free and Fair Elections Amendment to the Constitution.

These organizations may now have a powerful catalyst for their efforts in the person of Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders is attracting quickly growing, and highly enthusiastic, support around the country for his outspokenness that, as his campaign website says, "Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to buy the United States government."

So, I repeat the question to you again, Congressman Palmer, "Is Congress broke, or not?" Once you answer that question, then maybe a discussion can move on to other things, such as, if you agree Congress is broke, what do you think the American people should do to try to fix it?

In trying to figure out whether Congress is broke or not, you might read John Pudner's article  "The Tea Party Case Against Mega Donors" in The Daily Beast. As the byline says, John is "president of Take Back Our Republic Action Fund, a group advocating conservative solutions to campaign finance reform," which is an offshoot of Take Back Our Republic, a recently formed organization based in Auburn, and of which John is the Executive Director. Read more about this group at Who We Are.

Congressman Palmer, if you continue in your silence on this matter, I can only hope that you will begin to #FeelTheBernHeat to get you to address your constituents in the Alabama 6th Congressional district about this matter.

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