Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why Congress will fail the country on immigration

I predict Congress will fail the country on the immigration issue.

I am going to delve into that.

As a start I wish to throw out some questions. Some of the questions relate far beyond immigration. Most are more confined.

1. How much do Republicans hate Democrats, and vice versa?

2. How much do human beings lust for money and power?

3. To what extent are positions on immigration issues driven by political calculations of the Republicans and the Democrats that immigrants who gain citizenship will be more likely to vote Democratic than Republican? To what extent do Democrats or Republicans seek to obtain Hispanic votes based on who will pursue policies which will result in more Hispanic immigrants and more Hispanic immigrants who become citizens?

4. To what extent are whites bothered that they are on the path to ceasing to be a majority in the United States, and there is a desire to delay when that will happen?

5. What are the desires of business owners, farmers, and consumers to have the benefit of lower labor costs derived from legal and illegal immigrants in the labor force in the United States?

5. What job protection should the United States give to its citizens who are lower skilled workers.

6. What are the benefits to the country of high skilled immigrant labor?

7. What job protection should the United States give to its citizens who are high skilled workers?

8. What steps should be taken to secure the borders?

9. What consideration should be given to illegal immigrants who are currently in the United States?

10. What are the "costs" of immigrants, and to what extent are there "net costs" to the United States from immigrants?

This discussion will be continued for delving into why Congress will fail the country on immigration.

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