Thursday, November 13, 2014

Time to revisit "Is global warming real?"

In the past two days, we first had U.S., China reach 'historic' deal to cut emissions - USA Today.

Then we have CNN:Top Congressional Republicans slam U.S.-China climate deal.

One of the questions in the Channel 13 debate on March 31st was "Is global warming real?"

Here is the video of the seven candidates' answers: WVTM-TV Birmingham, AL

I said I did not know the answer to the question.

The other six candidates said global warming was either not real or not man made, and was being used by the EPA and the Obama administration to hurt American people and businesses and to have more power and control over them.

In my campaign I repeatedly said the political class in Washington, Republicans and Democrats included, sought to keep the electorate divided, in order that the political class could keep themselves entrenched and increase their power and riches.

I said, on environment and energy, average Democrats, average Republicans and average independents are similar in their desires. Most all of them want to have a robust economy with lots of jobs and have the benefits and comforts provided by the consumption of energy, and at the same time most all want to leave the Earth in decent shape for their children and grandchildren.

Notwithstanding the commonality of these desires of  average Democrats, average Republicans and average independents concerning the environment and energy, the political class in Washington works at stoking an "us against them, Democrats against Republicans" mindset, in order to keep the electorate divided, so the electorate cannot take the needed steps to defeat their common enemy, to wit, said, political class.

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