Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MAYDAY is "on": will Gary Palmer 'inoculate' himself?

MAYDAY.US is "on."

MAYDAY.US announced the first two (of the five) Congressional races it will focus on in 2014. In the New Hampshire Republican Senate primary, Mayday is supporting two-term State Senator Jim Rubens against former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. In the open Iowa 3rd congressional district, Mayday is supporting former Democratic State Senator Staci Appel against Republican David Young. MAYDAY's full announcement can be found here 

That announcement says:
Today, our announcement also serves as a warning shot to those on Capitol Hill and across the country that want to maintain the status quo. If a candidate for Congress wants to be inoculated from being on our target list, there is an easy way to do so: get on the right side of reform. Pledge to support one or more of the fundamental reforms listed at – for each of them would change the way campaigns are funded, by reducing the influence of special interests.
The announcement goes on to say:
We created this page for you to easily locate and call representatives in your area and urge them to inoculate themselves by supporting reform. Check to see where candidates near you stand on the issue. If your representatives haven’t supported any of the reforms, call them, email them, Tweet them, and show up at Townhall meetings and demand an answer. If you get them on the record, let us know
Deadline: Candidates have until 5 PM EST next Tuesday, August 5, to inoculate themselves. That means we have one week to urge candidates to do the right thing.

Is this a partisan matter? 

On the page, which lists reform legislation, the number of identified Democrats overwhelms the number of identified Republicans. Those who are listed as "supporters," which I believe includes candidates running for Congress who are not incumbents, do not have party affiliation specified.

Gary Palmer, in his list of issues on his campaign website, does not list reform as an issue. I do not see Gary listed as a supporter of any of the reform legislation.

Whether Gary will choose to "inoculate" himself on the issue of "reform," or whether Gary will expressly state any position to the voters about whether he thinks "reform" is needed or not and, if so, what "reform" he advocates, remains to be seen. It would seem that, if Gary does not list "reform" as an issue on his website, and that continues, a fair inference is that Gary does not believe any reform is of much importance, and Gary is largely satisfied with the status quo


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