Saturday, July 26, 2014

For MAYDAY.US supporters

In the two weeks following the MAYDAY.US question and answer session, I left numerous comments on the webpage for the session (which is here), with a view to communicating with other MAYDAY.US supporters, and eliciting discussion. My comments did not produce any results, so I am sending tweets to #maydaypac tweeters, with a link to this blog entry.

I know we are all anxiously awaiting to see what five Congressional races MAYDAY.US is going to focus on in 2014.

Whatever those five races are, and however MAYDAY.US spends its money to publicize its plan in 2014, I think it is extremely important for MAYDAY.US supporters to exert as much effort as they can to publicize MAYDAY.US, in whatever way they can throughout the country in 2014.

I wish to connect with other MAYDAY.US supporters who think similarly and who want to try to coordinate to increase their effectiveness.

If you are interested in connecting, please leave a comment on this blog entry, or send an email to me at


Update 7/28

I got about 35 page views of this entry over the weekend, plus a few retweets of my tweet.

Whether anything concrete will come out of my solicitations of action remains to be seen.

I personally am not thinking about spending funds to advertise MAYDAY.US. That limits my possibilities to emailing, tweeting, Facebook, telephone calling, and sign carrying and rallies. To start, I am inclined towards emailing, tweeting and Facebook. In using those, the message needs to be pushed out. "Pushing the message out" is a tough slog, especially if one is doing it solo. Emailing, tweeting and Facebook are a lot better if others are doing the same thing.

Maybe you will think it is too much of a tough slog, for scant return, and you can't bring yourself to putting in time and effort.

I am interested in learning anything one is willing to put time and effort to do.

Update 7/29

MAYDAY.US announced the first two (of the five) Congressional races it will focus on in 2014. In the New Hampshire Republican Senate primary, Mayday is supporting two-term State Senator Jim Rubens against former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. In the open Iowa 3rd congressional district, Mayday is supporting former Democratic State Senator Staci Appel against Republican David Young. MAYDAY's full announcement can be found here.

MAYDAY supporters need to decide what, if anything, they will do individually in 2014 to advance MAYDAY's goals.

I believe that it is defensible and appropriate for MAYDAY supporters to tweet and email from outside the Congressional districts MAYDAY is targeting into those Congressional districts (or from outside a State into the State in the case of a US Senate race MAYDAY is targeting).

I am going to start tweeting into New Hampshire. I am going to start with the tweet message
 #nhpolitics Support MAYDAY.US. Vote for Jim Rubens in the NH Republican Senate primary on September 9th.

Update 8/9

This past week I tweeted a couple hundred tweets into the Iowa 3rd Congressional district. The tweets gave a link to this: To voters in Iowa 3rd Congressional district. I have gotten 92 page views of the link, plus some retweets and favorites from my tweets.

Update 8/10

Yesterday, I used #maydaypac to send about 120 tweets, with the message "I am looking for #maydaypac supporters who want to act in concert to increase effectiveness" and which included a link to this entry. This resulted in over 100 page views of this entry and some retweets and emails to me. Also, it seemed to result in scores of additional page views of To voters in Iowa 3rd Congressional district. This all seemed a very good return on effort.

Update 8/12

There have been 194 page views of this entry, plus a number of retweets, reply tweets and emails. MAYDAY.US has three more candidates and says that it is going to expand from five candidates to eight candidates in 2014. I have not read the response I have received to my tweets. I am going to finish off the #maydaypac list I was working on. Then, I will look at the responses I have received to my tweets and think about the possibilities for "concerted action," taking into account the responses sent to me by #maydaypac supporters

Update 8/14

In the responses I have received, there have been non-specific offers to help. I think the best I can do is to try to lead by example and see if others join in. I have created a second blog, which I have called The MAYDAY Supporters Blog. Let's see what happens.


  1. Rob,

    I agree. I salute your initiative. As one who understands that science is not a belief system, I am deeply concerned about Climate Catastrophe. I am also troubled by the evaporation of democracy America from the heat of corporate money. The permanent threat, climate, will not be resolved unless we restore democracy. The restoration of democracy is a long sell, while we are already (in too many critical ways) far behind in addressing Climate. Physics won't negotiate. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

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