Monday, July 14, 2014

Where is Avery Vise on this?

Avery Vise is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the AL 6th Congressional district. His campaign website is here: I do not know where Avery stands on the issues I am raising. Yesterday I sent Avery this email:

From: Rob Shattuck <>
Date: Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 5:22 AM
Subject: MAYDAY.US
Dear Avery,I looked at your website and noted the attention it pays to the "gerrymandered" situation in theBirmingham metropolitan area.
I believe you are adequately aware of the advocacy I made in my 6th district candidacy leading up to the June 3rd election.
I am extending my efforts to a write in campaign for the November election, as I explain here.
I think everyone who wants to advance the MAYDAY.US goals would agree that the more attention that gets paid to the issue anywhere, the better.
I have no idea about your own interest in the MAYDAY.US goals. I hope you want to advance them and you will endeavor to advance them in your campaign.
I would be pleased to discuss the subject with you if you wish to do that at anytime.
Rob Shattuck

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