Saturday, August 2, 2014

Can Represent.Us publicize in Birmingham, AL?

Dear Represent.Us and its supporters,

From February to June, I ran in the Alabama 6th Congressional district Republican primary. (Birmingham proper is largely in the 7th Congressional district, and the 6th district is much of the surrounding geographical area. The 6th district is predominantly Republican, and the 7th is Democratic.)

I ran my campaign as virtually a single issue for reducing the influence of money in politics.

Since the June 3rd primary election in the 6th district, wherein I was not successful, I have continued my efforts.

As explained in this blog entry On Nov. 4, 2014, write in Rob Shattuck for Congress in AL06, I am now conducting a write in campaign in the Alabama 6th Congressional district.

I need all the help I can get to publicize my (and your) issue in Birmingham and the 6th Congressional district.

I solicit Represent.Us to hold a rally in Birmingham. I suggest as speakers Representative Terri Sewell of the 7th Congressional district, Gary Palmer (the Republican candidate in the 6th district), and Avery Vise (the Democratic candidate in the 6th district). I also would be most willing to speak.

I further solicit Represent.Us and its supporters to publicize the issue in Birmingham and the AL 6th Congressional district in such other ways as may be at their disposal.

Thank you very much.

Rob Shattuck

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